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Shot in the Dark


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If there’s anything zoologist Josslyn Adams abhors more than guns, its poachers. She’s made it her life’s mission to eliminate the animal thieves from existence. But when an African “fact-finding” mission with a wildlife conservationist group results in one of their members being shot, the entire team must escape for their lives through the jungle. In order to obtain sanctuary from the local government, Josslyn calls in a favor from her older half-sister, the First Lady of the United States.


After suffering a serious concussion in the line of duty, Adam Lockett, commander of the Secret Service’s elite team of snipers, is forced to work on a boring protective detail. Making matters worse, he’s assigned to guard the First Lady’s wild-child younger sister, a woman hell bent on ditching her detail every opportunity she gets. Still, Adam is determined to bide his time until he is cleared by the doctors to return to the job he’s best at, even if the tree-hugging pacifist with the smoky eyes makes his job difficult.


Josslyn is back in Washington D.C. hot on the trail of a major importer of illegal animal products. The last thing she needs is a gun-toting, tower of testosterone dogging her every move. But when the poachers discover who is on to them, it’s suddenly Josslyn’s skin that needs saving. As the chase heats up, so does the passion between the two. Can these two opposites find happiness? Or is it just a shot in the dark?

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