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Readers asked for more of Chances Inlet, the coastal North Carolina town where FOOLISH GAMES is based and here it is! Believe it or not, I began writing this story before FOOLISH GAMES, not after. I was writing the Second Chances trilogy before GAME ON was bought by Berkley. When they did buy it, they wanted two other books to go with it. Cindy Hwang, my editor, really wanted the second book to be about football, but she was okay with BACK TO BEFORE being the third book. So, to get readers used tot he idea, I set the Will Connelly's story in Chances Inlet, gave him a best friend named Gavin and my problem was solved. Then along came Brody Janik and RISKY GAME was born.

So, finally, here it is. I hope you enjoy the book. Please let me know what you think.



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