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It Had to Be You



Book 4 in the Chances Inlet Series



Coming Soon

Paige Hollister’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her “Mr. Right” already has a “Mrs. Right.” As if that wasn’t enough, she suddenly finds herself labeled the other woman and out of a teaching job. Swearing off men forever, she does what every unemployed woman staring thirty in the face does: She heads to the beach. Bad luck like hers is hard to outrun, however. During the road trip, her car breaks down in a small town chock full of meddling, nosy residents. The worst of them being the local sheriff—none other than her estranged father.

Tanner Gillette is finally on top of the golf world, poised to show everyone he’s not just an entitled playboy coasting through life on his pedigree. His world is turned upside down when a little girl shows up alone on his doorstep with a birth certificate inexplicably bearing his name. Solving the mystery of the child’s missing mother is complicated by the fact the little girl isn’t talking. When the stress of sudden guardianship gives Tanner a bad case of the yips, he’s forced to enlist the aid of the one person in town who can’t wait to leave.

What neither of them counts on is the off-the-charts chemistry threatening to derail their attempts to recapture their carefully planned solo lives.

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